We support and donate to causes that promote equality, work to end injustices, and serve to heal. In sharing abundance and empowering communities, we aspire to create a more harmonious world. Hand-in-hand, we all grow strong.


We are an independent brand based in Los Angeles, CA. Focused on creating high-end hand-made goods, we work with local artisanal factories in Los Angeles who treat their employees with respect and leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. Our team designs, assembles, and packages the final product in our DIPHDA Studio.


From packaging to product, all of our materials are ethical, sustainable, and vegan-friendly. 
The cork ‘leather’ is made from the bark of oak trees which when removed, promotes the health and re-growth of the tree, and enhances its ability to absorb carbon dioxide (Seven million acres of cork forest offsets 20 million tons of CO2 each year).
We selectively partner with U.S. based companies who source crystals and gemstones from ethical AGTA distributors. Our sliders are cast in solid brass for durability, and finished with lacquer to protect against tarnish. We use non-toxic BPA and VOC free resin to set the stones. The natural crystal formations and hand-cut gems are diverse in color and shape, creating a one of a kind feel. Each stone is individually hand set in our DIPHDA Design Studio with intuition and intention.