DIPHDA (dif-dah) is a gender and species fluid lifestyle brand created for the empowerment of all beings. Our handmade jewelry and sustainable accessories are made for pets and people to enjoy.

Elevate you and your pets style and be confident knowing you are supporting a women-owned business making sustainable high-quality products in Los Angeles, California.



Founder & Designer, Ashley Etchings, is the creative powerhouse behind DIPHDA. Successful entrepreneur, metal-smith, jewelry designer and mother, she launched DIPHDA with a vision of connecting people with their animal companions through energy and style. 
After Ashley's dog Wylee passed away, she realized she had nothing tangible to remember her beloved pet by besides a ratty old dog collar. The idea sparked! Since pets are family to us, why don't we have anything to remember them by that holds their energy, can be worn, and cherished?  

Beyond the healing properties of the crystals and their fashionable qualities, DIPHDA was created so that your pets could be remembered like family. When your dog or cat retires their collar, our Crystal Charms are made to slide onto a necklace, keychain or can be displayed in a special place so you can keep their memory with you always.


DIPHDA illuminates the cosmic connection between animals, humans, and the earth. Our jewelry is centered around ethical crystals and gemstones. We believe animals shine in equal power to people, and our designs reflect that.

Besides the beauty of our crystal & gemstones pieces, we believe in their unique properties. Humans have cultivated wearing crystals for their aesthetic beauty and energetic properties since ancient times. We feel that our pets should be able to benefit from these properties and beauty as well. This was the concept behind our Crystal Slider Charms.
Supporting our community through local manufacturing and giving back to charity, DIPHDA makes sustainable design luxurious and beautiful, while giving back.


Diphda (dif-dah) is the name of a luminous giant star. It's the beta in star in the constellation Cetus, yet it's brighter than the alfa. Diphda is about 140 times brighter than the sun! 
When Ashley founded DIPHDA, her husband said that her light shined brighter than the sun when she was doing what she loved. And that's how she wants all beings to feel when they wear her pieces...more radiant than the sun.

Thank you for being part of the DIPHDA Universe!