DIPHDA (dif-dah) is an inclusive lifestyle brand making sustainable goods for the empowerment of all beings.

We create handmade jewelry and accessories for pets and people. Match your pet in style and be confident knowing you are supporting a women-owned business making sustainable high-quality products in Los Angeles, California.



DIPHDA illuminates the cosmic connection between animals, humans, and the earth. Our jewelry is centered around ethical crystals and gemstones. We believe animals shine in equal power to people, and our designs reflect that.

We also believe in the healing properties and energy of crystals and gemstones. Humans have cultivated wearing crystals for their healing properties and energy since ancient times. Animals should be able to benefit from these properties as well, and can with our Crystal Slider Charms.

Our modern, clean, and iconic designs stand for boundary-less empowerment and beauty. We align with the heart of pure motive; what we birth into this world is for the benefit of all beings.

DIPHDA supports our community through local manufacturing and giving back to charity. We are about making sustainable design luxurious and beautiful, while respecting animals and the earth.



Diphda (dif-dah) is the name of a luminous giant star. It's the beta in star in the constellation Cetus, yet it's brighter than the alfa. Diphda is about 140 times brighter than the sun! 

DIPHDA was created as a place for all beings to feel connected, animals and humans alike. In our universe, there's room for everyone to shine bold and bright! 

When I really dove into jewelry making, my partner said that my light shined brighter than the sun when doing what I loved. And that's how I want all beings to feel when they wear my pieces...more radiant and luminous than the sun.

- Ashley Etchings (Jewelry Creator & Founder of DIPHDA)

Thank you for being part of the 

DIPHDA Constellation!