DIPHDA is a lifestyle brand making sustainable goods for the empowerment of all beings.

We make crystal jewelry and accessories for pets and people that are one of a kind and collectible.



DIPHDA illuminates the cosmic connection between animals, humans, and the earth. We believe animals shine in equal power to people, and our designs reflect that. Our modern, clean, courageous designs stand for boundary-less empowerment and beauty. We align with the heart of pure motive; what we birth into this world is for the benefit of all beings.

DIPHDA supports our community through local manufacturing and giving back to charity. We are about making sustainable design luxurious and beautiful, while respecting animals and the earth.



In 2020, a leather-smith from NY and a metal-smith from LA joined forces to create DIPHDA. Co-founders Rachael + Ashley are entrepreneurs, artists, and animal lovers. Through their complementary skill sets, their partnership thrives in balance, intention, devotion, and joy.

“We are inspired daily to create mindful products with an expansive vision for an ever-inclusive and connected community.”

XOXO, Rachael & Ashley

Thank you for being part of the DIPHDA family!