Sagittarius has transitioned into Capricorn and we are almost a week away from the new year! Eeek!

I hoped to create this post at the beginning of the month, but it didn’t quite work out. Travel, work, and Holiday prep consumed my time and my creative energies seemed stretched thin. Leading up to a big full moon and the winter solstice I’ve needed more rest, more quiet, more introspection. And now, each morning, I’ve been feeling a little more energized, ready for the new year, for clarity, and to get to work! It makes sense that this post lands now, in Capricorn, the season of discipline and responsibility.  



I’m a full fiery Sagittarius; the sign lights up my chart in 5 houses, including my ascending sign. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the giant planet; it’s mass and message is that of expansion and possibility. Our creativity knows no limits. Our curiousity, open mindedness, and philosophical nature leads us to become great teachers and seekers. We are independent, spontaneous, and love to travel; not only geographically but spiritually as well.

The archer is the symbol of Sag, pointing the arrow that bridges the gap between heaven and earth. With the focus of the archer, Sagittarians can find great ability in metaphysical pursuits. 


I deeply vibe with Sag energy, manifesting it through my love of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and practice, my deep desire for knowledge, and my tidal wave of artistic expression. I’m adventurous, fiercely independent, and a lover of travel. My journey continues through plant medicine, where the practice of inquiry, healing, and soul searching come into union.

I can also relate to the tendency of Sag to be bold and idealistic. When spread thin, we can overpromise and be overwhelmed

Now that we’ve entered Capricorn, it’s time to focus that big Sag energy back to simplicity, back to structure. The winter solstice is in the recent rear view and our days will get brighter and warmer as the earth prepares for the birth cycle of Spring. This is a fresh time to organize both our inner and outer landscapes, to alchemize our dreams into reality. A return to responsibility as the Holidays come to a close. I’m ready to plant seeds for action and abundance, to get grounded and land fully in this earth sign season.

My favorite crystals for the end of the year: Carnelian, Tiger Eye, and Turquoise 


links to the Sacral (Svadhistana) chakra (reproductive organs, bladder, kidney, and large intestines), and the Root (Muladhara) chakra (pelvic floor to the toes). These chakras govern our sense of safety, grounding/home, trust/fear, security, creativity, fulfillment, and overall wellness. Svadhistana translates to ‘dwelling place of self’.



Can we find ways that we’ve abandoned ourselves, over-extended, or denied our feelings/needs? Connecting to Carnelian during the darkest days of Winter, our hibernating months, can help us feel deeply rooted to our inner being, our home, and the earth. The color of the stone itself, warm and welcoming, can brighten our darkest days. To read more on Carnelian, check out our post Warm Vibes Carnelian.

Tiger Eye

is associated with the Solar Plexus (Manipura) chakra (upper stomach region). The Solar Plexus illuminates our relationship with strength, action, willpower, and self-esteem. It is the center that reminds us of our freedom of choice.



Do we choose to awaken to each moment as a fresh start, an opportunity to create a bright, abundant future? Or do we dwell in the past, letting our past-life karma play out. This stone can help metabolize stagnant energy to awaken us out of a slump. It’s energizing quality is focused and wise. It is also a protective stone, reminding us that healthy boundaries are essential; self-care is an act of love that extends to all beings.






connects to the Heart (Anahata) and Throat (Vishudda) chakras. It is an ancient, loving, peaceful stone that calms and cleanses. The Throat chakra is associated with space. The altar of the mouth can receive life-enriching energy through air, food, speech, and silence.



The Heart chakra, and it’s element air, nourishes the body in harmony with the lungs. The heart-throat marriage reminds us to speak truth, with love and compassion. When the Holiday season becomes overwhelming and stressful, Turquoise’s soothing nature calms, balances, and heals. 

Which stones speak to you as we close the year?

Which crystals will you carry into the new year?

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