Warm Vibes Carnelian!

Warm Vibes Carnelian!

Carnelian is all about warm vibrations! It is our limited edition stone of the summer, and it’s cult-like popularity can be attributed to its powerful and invigorating properties. As the heat of the summer sets into cooler months ahead, this stone aligns perfectly with yang to yin energies. We wear this gem from sunrise to sunset, in all its golden glory.

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Carnelian’s coloring ranges from a saturated, blistering red to the airy oranges of a flickering flame. My personal Carnelian has a rich deep orange tone with swirls of dark and light lines hugging the heart shaped, well polished stone. When I cup it in my palm I feel connected to the soaring rivers and delicate streams of blood swirling through my veins, sending nourishing nutrients to my cells. While blood is the most yin substance in the body, the fires and passions of the heart chakra can counter that in it’s yang essence. 


Carnelian crystal slider gemstone blog post


Carnelian aligns with Leo (July 23- August 22). It stimulates lion-like courage and the primal creative energies. Carnelian compliments Leo’s natural affinity for getting stuff done. Leos are bold and like to be recognized for their efforts. It's all about attention and intention—the giving and receiving of light and energy that is Leo’s challenge and play. Like the vital life force of the sun, Leos can be overbearing with their need to be seen. When this heat is balanced, their beauty and generosity is illuminated.


This healing gemstone encourages artistic expression. Art comes in many forms: aesthetic style, poetry, movement, dance, cooking, singing, decorating. Communicating elegantly is art. Throwing a great party is art. Having a child is art. It takes courage and trust in oneself to birth an idea into reality. When it is done with passion, integrity, and love it can manifest as regal and as fierce as the lion. 




Carnelian relates to the energies of the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras. The Solar Plexus region is around the stomach, spleen, intestines, and gallbladder. The Sacral area is the womb, bladder, and kidneys. The Root starts at the flower of the genitals and continues into the legs down to the souls of the feet.

The Solar Plexus is where food is digested into fuel, and our ideas can be alchemized into reality. Its energy is fire. When used for it’s yang properties, like the rising sun, Carnelian can illuminate and stimulate the spark of fresh ideas. In Ancient Egypt, it was used to provide courage to warriors. It’s yin element encourages us to look inward towards our intuition; to trust our gut.

The Sacral region is called Svadhistana which translates to dwelling place of self. It refers to our first home in the womb, the mother, the earth. In it’s yang form we conceive our ideas into reality. The kidneys and bladder function in the Sacral region, connecting to the cleansing water element and female energies of the moon. Carnelian’s deep orange hues, like the setting sun, lend it to more passive, receptive, yin qualities here. The stone links to the rich and fertile menstrual blood of the goddess Isis, and can be used to encourage fertility and passion.

The Root chakra is our foundation, our ground. It is our primal sense of well-being; knowing that our needs are being met. Like the kiss of the setting sun to the earth, Carnelian can sweeten our relationship with ourselves by building trust. Trust that we are worthy, trust that we are whole, trust that we are supported. A deep soul-level knowing that there is purpose and perfection in the cosmic order. 



Carnelian is most popularly found in India. Brazil, Egypt, and Uruguay are also important sources of this stone



What are your thoughts about this vibrant stone? What are your rituals to honor and balance the lower chakras?

We like to cook and eat :), walk barefoot, sunbathe, dance, dress in colorful clothes, decorate our homes, throw parties, connect to community, & so much more.



Art by Indigo