Enchanting Sodalite

Sodalite Crystal Jewelry Slider on Large Curb Chain in Nickel Stainless Steel

When I hold Sodalite, I see the ocean, the moon, and the stars in the night sky. I hear communication from the cosmos, carrying whispers from ancestors. I feel the surf rise from salty waves, rhythmic movement that cleanses and hypnotically calms. The depth of the ocean rich with life, yet heavy and still. The vastness of the night sky with it’s infinite expanse and potential. A stone containing the silent power and movement of the moon pulling waves with its sweeping, invisible gravitational force.


Blue is the color of Vishuddha, the throat chakra and ether (space), it’s element; hearing/voice/communication, it’s senses. Vibration is the foundation of all things, and sound (in spiritual traditions, the word)- is the creation from spirit into form. The mouth is an altar that connects our outer and inner worlds- through sound, taste, and air. It is a doorway to alchemy and manifestation.


Sodalite’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are known for adventure and creativity. Sodalite, a calming stone, reminds us (especially Sag, a fire sign, who has a tendency towards bluntness) to take a deep cooling breath and speak from the heart. It illuminates authenticity so we can live in alignment with our truest self. Known as the poet’s stone, it politely asks for elegance and grace in expression. This stone is helpful for enhancing artistic flow when journaling and writing. 


How do we express ourselves? Are we living our fullest creative expression or is our light dimmed? Sodalite boosts confidence and helps build self-esteem by being an emotional anchor for inner trust. There is powerful wisdom in intuition and second-guessing can lead to over-intellectualizing. Intuition comes from the heart, the third eye, and the gut. All centers that align with the throat. Each chakra is connected, and as one harmonizes, all are affected. 


Sound enters through the ears, also associated with Vishuddha, which is the 5th chakra. In sound healing the Perfect Fifth is the ratio (⅔) interval of ideal nervous system tuning; the sound that unifies opposites. The Perfect Fifth is the point of alignment when we are ‘in tune’, when Yin and Yang, our feminine and masculine are balanced. These two principles in balance produce the spirit of Three, our current physical reality. When our nervous system is vibrating in unified harmony, our mental and physical health follows. 

What sounds and what words are we listening to outside of ourselves? How are we speaking to our inner selves? Are we kind and forgiving or cruel and judgmental? And just how quickly do we believe our thoughts? Meditation helps to create space between the moment we have a thought and the moment we create a story around the thought. Sodalite is a reminder to watch our thoughts come and go, from a space of clear, calm, awareness. To remember the deep peace of the night sky and the ocean; comets and storms are temporary. 


Sitting between the heart chakra and third eye chakra, the throat communes with both. Air enters the nose/mouth and makes its way into the lungs, which are in beautiful union with the heart. Both heart and lungs purify and give life. When we see something beautiful that captures the heart, we say it is breathtaking. When our hearts are broken, we are at a loss for words. Feeling good with a full heart is communicated with a smile (mouth/throat chakra). 

This stone and chakra tap into our Pituitary gland and Pineal gland. Both are located around the Sphenoid bone, which sits at the seat of the third eye. The Pineal gland develops in the embryonic stage from tissues at the roof of the mouth and migratrates to the center of the brain. From the Pituitary gland, Sodalite helps to balance the metabolism and boost the immune system. From the Pineal gland, Sodalite can help with sleep cycles and also to lift us into higher states of consciousness (which I won’t expand upon here, maybe in the next post!). Note that the stone, on its own, is not guaranteed to cure illness.


Sodalite was first found in Greenland and later in Canada. Today it can be found in  Brazil, India and as far as South Africa.


What are your thoughts about this enchanting stone? What are your rituals to honor and balance Vishuddha?

Ours include: Eating delicious food, sitting in silence, sitting in nature, listening to music/sound baths, kissing, meditating, breath work, sitting in Sangha, good conversation & so much more!


Art by @INDIGO